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World Mind Games Online Tournament | Digital Media and Technology Masterclass ICU and IFAF tie up for extra mileage

Countdown begins for launch of SportAccord 2014 World Mind Games Online Tournament

Heavyweights to grace iSportconnect and SportAccord Digital Media and Technology Masterclass

Extra cheers for American football at 2015 IFAF World Championships

SportAccord set to launch the biggest ever World Mind Games Online Tournament 


The wait is almost over for online gaming enthusiasts! SportAccord begins the countdown to the launch of the 4th edition of the World Mind Games Online Tournament on the 15th of September. The tournament, featuring Bridge, Chess and Go, is being organized by SportAccord in partnership with RSportz, the community-based global sports network and online platforms BridgeBase Online, and Pandanet.


The online tournament also marks the countdown to the 4th SportAccord World Mind Games to be held in Beijing from December 11-17 this year. Last year’s online tournament attracted over 700,000 players from all across the globe and SportAccord expects to comfortably attract a higher number of participants through the tournament online portal, The portal will be the gateway for participants and enthusiasts for game rules, registration and all further information surrounding the SportAccord 2014 World Mind Games Online Tournament.


Open for a period of 2 months, registration for the online tournament is open to players from beginner to advanced levels. All participants stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as Formula 1 grand prix tickets sponsored by presenting partner Alliance Renault-Nissan and watches from World Mind Games official partner Rado. Additional prizes include Samsung TVs, tablets and gift cards. A total cash prize purse of $12,000 will be shared between the winners of the different tournaments.


SportAccord 2014 World Mind Games Online Tournament partners, Bridgebase Online, and Pandanet will operate the online hosting of the disciplines of Bridge, Chess and Go, respectively.


SportAccord, the Union of International Sports Federations, operates and is in the process of organising 4 multi-sports games- the World Combat Games, the World Beach Games, the World Urban Games and the World Mind Games. The 4th edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games will be organized in Beijing from December 11-17, 2014, featuring Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Xiangqi in cooperation with the respective international sports federations. The SportAccord World Mind Games unite the world’s best players in a quest for glory and prize money. SportAccord is constantly looking to engage more people in mind sports in a fun and exciting way through cultural programs and online games.


Online tournament dates: September 15– November 15


Official hashtag: #mindgames2014



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FIFA’s Matt Stone & O2’s Gareth Griffiths Confirmed for Digital Media and Technology Masterclass

iSportconnect, the world’s largest private network for sport business professionals, is delighted to announce Matt Stone, FIFA Head of Digital, and Gareth Griffiths, Head of Sports Sponsorship at O2, as panelists for the second iSportconnect Digital Media and Technology Masterclass in association with SportAccord.


Mr. Stone and Mr. Griffiths are the first panelists to be announced for the Lausanne event which will be hosted at the Maison du Sport International, home of many national federations, on September 30, 2014.


The iSportconnect Digital Media and Technology Masterclass premiered in London earlier this year for delegates with the message to “Get Ahead of the Game”.


The exclusive, invitation-only Masterclass series is a unique gathering giving sports digital media and technology executives the chance to learn from each other. Delegates will also get a chance to gain industry insights, join discussions and network in a relaxed environment.


The day will be divided into two sessions; digital media in the morning and technology in the afternoon. The digital session will be moderated by Richard Ayers, CEO of Seven League.


Matt Stone joined FIFA in 2004 and has been the Head of Digital at world football’s governing body for a decade. He has been a part of three FIFA World Cups in that period.


Gareth Griffiths joined O2 in 2012 and has been in the role for almost two years. He previously spent 10 years at Lexus Agency as a Senior Associate Director.


Griffiths said, “I’m looking forward to the iSportconnect Masterclass, particularly the discussion around digital and how it's influencing everything we do in sport partnerships. I have a view from both rights holder and sponsor, and I've seen a huge step-change in the use of digital over the last ten years.”


Michael Cunnah, chairman of iSportconnect, said: “I am delighted to welcome Matt and Gareth to our panel for the Digital Media and Technology Masterclass in Lausanne. They bring many years of experience and knowledge to the panel. They have both spent a decade or more in the industry and will provide an interesting insight into the changes of digital media and technology and what it has done for their organisations.”


Date: September 30th, 2014

Location: Maison du Sport International SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Invitation policy: The Digital Media and Technology Masterclass is an exclusive invitation-only event for Heads of Digital Media, Technology and other similar positions.

To register your interest please contact Sylvia-Line Lamaro at 



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Cheerleaders to compete and cheer at 2015 IFAF World Championships 

Cheerleaders at American football games are a common sight but taking this trend international will be the International Cheer Union (ICU) and the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Recognised by SportAccord as the official governing bodies of their respective sports, the ICU and the IFAF have announced their intention of working together for the promotion of both sports at the 2015 IFAF World Championships, to be held from July 4-18, 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Originating from the American university sporting programmes of the late 1800s, cheerleading and American football have enjoyed complementary development stretching over a period of over a century. Both have thrived as a result of this partnership and the respective IFs are keen to replicate the model on the international stage. 

Tommy Wiking, IFAF’s President said, “Cheerleading and American football obviously have a long history of working together with American football athletes on the gridiron and cheerleading athletes in the same venue engaging the spectators. The 2015 IFAF World Championships will bring together both of these great sports at one event, promoting an atmosphere of national pride for both the American football and cheerleading fans in this uniquely historical and famous game environment.”

"This is quite an exciting time for both the sports of American football and cheerleading," said Karl Olson, ICU's secretary general.  "What began more than 100 years ago at an American university campus is allowing both our sports to grow across all continents at a very rapid pace.” 

Both federations have decided to send across their respective national teams to Sweden for the 2015 IFAF World Championships. The purpose is to provide a platform to respective national cheerleading teams to cheer on their national American football teams during competition, while simultaneously competing with other national cheerleading teams for the 2015 World Cheerleading Game Day Championship title. Currently, ten American football teams have qualified for the 2015 IFAF World Championships: Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Sweden and the USA. Two further nations will qualify for the championships within the next 5 months.

ICU President Jeff Webb commented, “Cheerleading is certainly a unique sport. While it is very competitive, cheerleading also has the ability to enhance the game-day experience for sporting events. ICU values the great relationship we have with the IFAF and its president, Tommy Wiking. We know that the 2015 IFAF World Championships will be a wonderful event for all of the competitors and we look forward to working together to help make this event a great experience for the fans.”

About SportAccord:

Established in 1967, SportAccord is the union for 109 International Sports Federations and organisations. Its’ mission is to unite and support its’ members, providing them with added-value platforms and services; while continually striving to influence positive change in the sports community and society as a whole.

Activities include the organisation of Multi-Sports Games (World Combat Games, World Mind Games, World Beach Games, World Urban Games); doping-free sport services; the .Sport project, the Sports Hub, new information technology and media services; sports’ social/environmental responsibility and integrity initiatives; and the International Federations recognition process, all created and implemented on behalf, and to the benefit of SportAccord’s members.    




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